Large file transmission between severs

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When it comes to the server management, especially involving multiple servers, sometime the large file transmission is needed. For example, you need to backup or transmit a directory with gigabytes or even terabytes of data to different servers.

Of course, we can use scp or rsync to perform the copying task. However, for large amount of files in the initial copy, rsync is not so efficient because it will do many checks while transmission. Here, I share a faster and more efficient method to transmit a large number of files.

The commands we will use are tar and ssh. We can create an archive by tar and then transmit the tared file to a remote host on the fly by ssh. So the command will be this:

$ tar -c </path/to/directory_or_file> | ssh <remote> 'tar -xvf - -C </path/to/extracted>'

You will need to type your password to ssh to permit the transmission. The transmission rate is much higher than using rsync and scp. In my testing, the transmission rate reached 100MB/s.

In addition, we can compress the tared file before sending it to the remote host and then decompress at the other side. For that purpose, we can use gzip or pigz. By gzip, the command becomes this:

$ tar -c </path/to/directory_or_file> | gzip -c | ssh <remote> 'gzip -d | tar -xvf - -C </path/to/extracted>'

or by pigz

$ tar -c </path/to/directory_or_file> | pigz | ssh <remote> 'pigz -d | tar -xvf - -C </path/to/extracted>'

I strongly recommend to use pigz for compression because it is a parallel compressor and rather efficient by taking advantage of available CPUs.

Finally, if you want to see a progress status you can also use pv command to achieve that and just put pv after pigz at the sender side.

$ tar -c </path/to/directory_or_file> | pigz | pv | ssh <remote> 'pigz -d | tar -xvf - -C </path/to/extracted>'


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