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As I shared in the post Awesome Bash Tools, the Zsh supports many useful plugins and I shared the installation methods by git clone and setting up manually, which may not be straightforward. When migrating to another server, it will save our life if a single .zshrc is enough.

Here, I will share another method to manage and install Zsh plugins more efficiently, with antigen.


antigen is a popular Zsh plugin manager which provides an easy-to-install way to add/remove Zsh plugins. Suppose you have already has oh-my-zsh installed (if not, go to post “Awesome Bash Tools” or here), antigen can be installed by a single curl:

$ curl -L > ~/antigen.zsh

or put it wherever you like. Then you can just add your plugins by adding corresponding antigen bundle lines in .zshrc. The typical .zshrc will be like this:

source /path/to/antigen.zsh

# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh

# Load the plugins here
antigen bundle git

# Load the theme that you want to use
antigen theme robbyrussell

# Tell Antigen that you're done.
antigen apply

This is a simple configuration including only one plugin git and a theme robbyrussell. You can modify .zshrc to be what you like and after modification, run source ~/.zshrc to install your plugins and take them into effect.

My .zshrc including the plugins that I shared before is given as follows:

source $HOME/.antigen.zsh

# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh

# Bundles from the default repo (robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh).
antigen bundle git
antigen bundle heroku
antigen bundle pip
antigen bundle lein
antigen bundle command-not-found

# My favorite plugins
antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
antigen bundle agkozak/zsh-z
antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions

# Awesome theme.
antigen theme romkatv/powerlevel10k

# Tell Antigen that you're done.
antigen apply

There is one thing to be noticed that it’s possible that after you sources .zshrc, the plugins are installed successfully but the prompt doesn’t return to what it should be. In that case, just exit (yes, you can issue commands here still…) or close the window directly and login again, then it could be OK. I don’t know what happens here so I can just give a trivial solution..

And another thing is that after installing plugins, ~/.antigen directory will be created. If you come across an error involving compaudit, it results from the permissions of ~/.antigen directory and its children and sometimes there will also another directories causing such an error. In that case, issue the command compaudit to check which directories are the sources of the error. Once you find them, change their permissions to 755 or remove the group/other writing permissions:

$ chmod 755 -R ~/.antigen <other directory you find>


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